Welcome to the UK ROSAT Guest Observer Centre in the Department of Physics & Astronomy at the University of Leicester. This document provides a technical overview of the ROSAT mission, and up-to-date status and calibration information


After nearly a decade of highly successful operations, ROSAT was finally switched off on Friday 12th February 1999.

For more information, please read this PPARC Press Release(February 17th 1999)


August 18th 1999: Second ROSAT HRI source catalogue released
May 3rd 1999: Aspect error in SASS processing of HRI images

Regular Contents

ROSAT Wide Field Camera Data Distribution Service
UK PIs can view the WFC images from their recent ROSAT observations, and download the data, via this new secure service
ROSAT Wide Field Camera Archive
The ROSAT Wide Field Camera pointed observation archive has now been repaired and is in the process of being updated
ROSAT Results Archive
The first ROSAT source catalogue from pointed observations with the High Resolution Imager has now been released (or go directly to the ROSHRI table in ARNIE).
Spectral Calibration of the ROSAT HRI
The software and data products required to obtain X-ray hardness ratios from archival HRI data can be obtained, with further information, from here
ROSAT-related documents, including the ROSAT Users' Handbook, the Data Products Guide, various calibration memos, and the latest HRI Calibration Report
Timelines and scheduling
When is your object going to be observed? Check the timelines here! (A timeline for the period June15th-August 10th 1998 is now available)
Check whether a particular object or field has been observed in the past with these database archives
ROSAT News Archive
An archive of recent MPE ROSAT Newsletters and ROSAT/LEDAS Newsletters
The ROSAT Data Archive Centre
Access to archival pointed observation ROSAT data, including the ROSAT-related database tables
The WFC EUV Survey Home Page
Including the WFC survey image browser
ROSAT Gallery
Pretty pictures from the ROSAT mission
ROSAT WFC Observations of Comet Hyakutake
CD-ROMs containing images from the ROSAT mission are available free-of-charge
The ASTERIX WWW home page at Birmingham University

Further information

Further Guest Observer support is provided by the US ROSAT Guest Observer Facility (part of the HEASARC at NASA Goddard Space Flight Centre) and the ROSAT Scientific Data Centre, at Max-Planck-Institut für extraterrestrische Physik at Garching, Germany.

Questions concerning the ROSAT mission and analysis of ROSAT data can be addressed to Matt Burleigh (mbu@star.le.ac.uk), and further information about the ROSAT data archive is available from Duncan Law-Green (dlg@star.le.ac.uk).

This document was last updated on 18th August 1999 by Matt Burleigh (mbu@star.le.ac.uk)